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Real talk: sales and success don’t have to mean sacrifice. We’ve got a proven process for tripling sales and lightening workloads in just two months, and we’re sharing every detail in our free masterclass. 

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Implement the FREEDOM FUNNEL


There’s levels to this and we’re about to teach them to you. You’ll learn our famous, proven funnel framework and strategy that’ll have your dream clients lining up.

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There are people out there who want exactly what you’re offering and are willing to pay good money for it. We help you find and target them.

Create winning ads with the C.A.K.E. method


Talk ain’t cheap. In fact, with our fool-proof strategy for creating ads, you’ll be saying the exact things you need to say to get your clients to convert 3x faster. 

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Likes are nice and engagement is cute, but we’re giving you the tools to turn those people into actual pay clients.


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Arturo Junior & Christina Velazquez

We are a branding company and we specialized in custom apparel.

The reason why we started Lorell's program was mainly because we're in a position to grow and expand our business and we wanted to dive more into social media advertising. When we started the program, we basically doubled our numbers.

Our highest week before was at $8k and we just reached our highest week at $21k after being part of the Social Sales Lab™


Rob & Jen Morris

We were struggling to get leads for our new business.

We were doing Facebook ads on our own and wasted a lot of money! We came across Lorell, she explained how we could scale my business and book calls using her funnel.

We jumped in and enrolled and in less than 1 month we earned $4,000 with a an spend of about $500.

The goal isn’t money–it’s 

financial freedom.


A proud afro Latina and social media expert, Lorell Lane is a reformed corporate ad buyer turned bawse. With over seven years of experience in selling high-level online and TV ads, Lorell used her knowledge to launch The Social Sales Lab–a million dollar coaching program where she helps entrepreneurs create and establish life-changing Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Lorell uses her personal and professional experiences to work across industries and help others achieve the financial freedom she was able to find herself. Together with her team, Lorell has helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale and grow the automated, successful business they always dreamed of...and she’s just getting started.

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